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Frequently Asked Questions

On this side you will receive a selection of recurring customer questions. The collection of questions is constantly expanded to include current topics. If you do not find your question here immediately or the answer is not sufficient, please contact us directly.

FAQ for Investment

FAQ for Buyer / Supplier

FAQ for Product Development

  • In market analyses and associated target group determinations, the product / service and its further / new development always come into focus of the consideration / evaluation. In order to be able to offer our customers a holistic consulting set, this service area was included at ATA |  Projects + Solutions as a special service.

FAQ for Market Analysis

  • You are planning a new business model, or you want to open up new markets through product or company expansion. A well-founded market analysis provides a good basis for decision-making, especially with regard to risks and opportunities.

FAQ for Company Validation

  • The word “validate” goes back to the Latin word “valere” and means “determine the value of something”. A company can only be validated in individual areas (processes / data). In litigation, the objective is a documented proof that the process is effective and provides a reproducible product (result) that indicates the assigned quality (eg. DIN or ISO standards). The main goal of data validation is a clean set of data, improvement of data utilization, avoidance of program errors as well as correct results in the execution of programs and data processing processes.

FAQ for Human Resources (HR)

  • The answer is very difficult. It´s easier to describe what it includes: workplace safety & culture, learning & development, compensation & benefits, performance management, recruitment & selection, employer branding and onboarding.



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