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On this page you will receive further detailed information about our individual, special service areas. If you need more than these details, please contact us directly.

Investment Search -

Investment Search

The investment represents a long-term investment of capital. It is usually done using money, time, and work. It should bring special benefits to the investor in the future. Since, for security reasons, investments should be made in various areas, this often presents the investor with knowledge problems and creates uncertainty.
We mostly have knowledge of interesting, audited investments that can complement the portfolio of our clients well. If our customer imagines something very special, we will find a fast, good solution through our international networks.

Investor Search + ATA Projects + Solutions

Investor Search

Due to our long-standing international contacts, customers often come to us with new projects. After careful consideration of the general conditions and return opportunities, we are happy to take over the search for investors for such projects. This is done globally and project-related. The investment is discussed in detail with interested investors and the financial feasibility is illuminated. The highest priority is that the investor can fully identify with the investment and receive the desired benefit for a long time. This ensures that we provide satisfied customers who are always happy to request or make investments about us.


Customer / Buyer Search

You have unique products or services. You want to grow and/or conquer new markets. For this you need one thing above all: new, reliable and powerful customers. It is precisely through our detailed market analysis that you receive important customer information and new addresses. Since in new markets (foreign countries) customs and behavior are often not known, we are happy to make desired initial contacts and accompany you until new cooperation agreements are fixed.

Company Supplier Search + ATA Projects + Solutions

Company / Supplier Search

The commercial and industrial sectors today have a breathtaking speed in terms of change.  New products/services are needed and created. Whole industries disappear from the picture surface and many new enterprises are emerging in previously never-before-known sectors. This extreme change represents both, risk and opportunity.

New products and markets require new suppliers. Supply chains are being tried to make them more attractive, safer or more sustainable through company acquisitions. Through our international networks, we offer stability and are a solid partner, especially in this fast-paced time.

Product Development + ATA Projects + Solutions

Product Development

Nothing is as steady as change. This is especially true for products/services.
In order to conquer new markets or to keep proven products alive, new products or product diversifications are necessary. Our important service area “Market Analysis” in particular very often proves this fact.
From this point of view, we have added the service point “Product Development” to our service portfolio. It can be arranged through cooperation partners any necessary personnel and freelancers. We have a good international network if new producers/suppliers are needed and help with the marketability or market launch of the new product.

Market Analysis + ATA Projects + Solutions

Market Analysis

If you want to conquer a new market, we will provide you with prepared data about the desired industry, new, possible customers for your products /services, very detailed information material about your competitors and other, desired sizes, such as existing market potential. This means that you get a supply-demand ratio for your planned product or service. Together we look at and evaluate the researched data and derived analysis results. Therefore our market analysis is always the most important tool for your decision, for or against your market entry.


Company Validation

Company validation usually has one of the following two requirements:

      1. As a producer/service provider, you want to open up new, higher-quality markets.
        Due to mostly government regulations and extensive quality regulations, you need a restructuring of your company and an associated company evaluation. In terms of quality and standard are needed or you are required to provide information on the new markets as a market participant.
      1. Due to new environmental and trade requirements at your production/service location, you need to introduce new technologies and working/control methods for the continued existence of your company.
        Most of the time, these are based on the standards of leading industrial nations.

An internationally active company can be helpful in the necessary company validation, which plans and implements these innovations together with you.



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